Take Control of Your Eating Habits

Food = Habits of the Mind

If quality is a habit, then quality foods are habits of the mind and oftentimes those habits prevent us from reaching important fitness and health goals. Food cravings, or emotional eating is becoming increasingly popular topic in the mainstream media and yet, we can hardly manage to believe there is any real response to it. In fact, studies show that obesity is becoming more and more prevalent among every age group, and whether consciously or unconsciously, compulsive eating has become the response of choice for many young people for dealing with major life events, daily challenges, money pressures, chronic stress and even boredom.

The dopamine-inducing effects of food, especially its various sugar-rich variants, comfort our insecurities and distract us from achieving essential life goals. However, there is one more under recognized way of reflecting at unhealthy eating habits, cravings and over-eating, and that way recognizes them as means of subconscious self-sabotage and self-punishment (for whatever reasons) i.e. a “chaotic system” that makes us chronically abstain from keeping control over our minds through self-respect and self-discipline.

Whichever appear to be the reasons for this, we’re about to present few effective and time-saving antidotes for improving your eating patterns and boosting weight loss foods long-term.Unhealthy Foods

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Jumpstart Your Day

There is one advice given all-across which is kind of self-evident, but applicably true and effective, and that is the way we start the day hugely impacts our routines throughout the day and state of mind. Trying out healthy breakfast ideas can help us get the best of the day and give the boost that we may otherwise look for in emotional cravings.

And some of the top breakfast foods to include on your grocery list and start your day with, are nutrients, fiber and/or healthy fats-rich veggies and fruits, beans, legumes,  and a handful of nuts, including: broccoli, beetroots, spinach, artichokes, collard greens, oranges, mangoes, berries, apples, peas, kidney, garbanzo, lentils, almonds, walnuts,  cashews, macadamia nuts…

Whether eating them raw, in a salad or a smoothie, it is important to have them fresh and combining them in a way that’s both digestible and enjoyable to keep your motivation hot and solid!Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Realize You’re Not Just After a “7-Day Healthy Eating Plan”

The yo-yo effect of regaining (or gaining more!) weight after your diet is done has been well studied over the years, showing that chasing of strict 7-day, 10-day, a month long or 2-months-long diets has repeatedly been counter-productive on the long term weight-loss journey. What this means is that a “7-day healthy eating plan” if not always supposed to fail, could at best be a trigger for a complete change of lifestyle.

Diets are assets, way of living is essence. The first step towards tapping into the essence is by having your mind opened towards a greater change, resulting in a viable compromise between short-term diet goals and long-term lifestyle change goals.

Techniques such as keeping a food diary, mindfulness meditation and stress relieving exercises are also shown to reduce the overall food consumption and positively affect healthy eating habits long-term.7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

Cooking Skills Are THE Top Asset

The attitude that maintains motivation towards learning of new skills could be a feasible boredom treatment, which according to studies is one of the reasons for both unhealthy eating and overeating. Learning to have control over your own food is directly linked to your respect of your work and time, while at the same time providing a radically different “food treatment” to your digestive system and overall health. This could be super-beneficial when deciding to make important macronutrient changes, like integrating more healthy fats instead of carbs – a crucial point in your food transformation journey, by upgrading your cooking skills.

Having practical and orderly kitchen accessories could help both boost and keep your food prep motivation, so an important decision to be made on the way to stepping up your cooking learning is making the right choices along the way.

Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that choosing healthy foods (or weight loss foods, for that matter) to eat resulting in any change in your regular eating habits requires consultation with your dietitian.Cooking Skills Top Asset