5 Stylish and Cheap Kitchen Accessories for Personalization and Food Prep Motivation

The modern kitchen is evolving, and accessories and utensils are changing in the face of new and developing technology. Breadboxes, canisters, egg mixers, sweets pans and so many other utensils as a part of our cooking, baking, cutting, tableware and prep equipment is slowly disappearing, while on the other hand, emerging trends like fancy electronics and utensil gadgets are redefining the way we regard our cooking experience.  

Kitchen Accessories

If the main function of the kitchen has traditionally been seen as a very practical, one enabling the baking, boiling, brewing, grilling, frying, roasting, toasting, simmering and whatnot of what’s supposed to make way to the stomach, the millennial generation has developed new aesthetical ways of having fun during time spent on food preps. We’re about to take a look at some kitchen doodads suited for time spent in the cookhouse not only by Gen Y and younger folks alike, but everyone willing to glam up and style up in the kitchen game.

These affordable accessories and kitchen utensils of ever-growing significance will help you get the most of your kitchen in a way that’ll prove to be motivate you spent quality time preparing good food.

Cheese Boards and Knives

  1. Cheese Boards and Knives

Quality cutting boards are a kitchen must-have and many things in the cuisine rely upon their durability. The wood has to be thick and lasting, the knives sharp and distinctive for different uses. For example, knives for meat are generally best when incisive in order to pierce through different meat layers, while cheese knives could be spade, flat, open-fork etc. for different functions, such as piercing through hard cheeses, vertical cubing, or to simply withhold sticking while slicing through softer cheeses.

All of this means the cutting boards and the knives work optimally when adapted to each other so there will be no abrasions, scrapings and damages and we at Urorra gave our absolute best to prevent such scenarios with our natural bamboo-made Cheese board and knives set.

Pantry Shelvings

  1. Pantry Shelvings

Whether you live in a big city with highly limited capacity to store your kitchen supplies and goods, in the suburbs or in the countryside, you will, for a fact, want to use as much of your space for cooking accessories in the best organized way possible, and so pantry shelvings could be just what you’ll want to introduce to your kitchen.

It could be better if you get yourself metal and chromed pantry shelvings as plastic or wood could sometimes complicate things, especially if your kitchen accessories are relatively heavier or still warm.

Go for detachable and the simplest shelvings available as the possibility for adjustments and simplicity will make it easier to assembly stuff the way that will actually serve you in the way you want.

Custom Made Wine Glasses

  1. Custom Made Wine Glasses

If wine is the liquid taking the role of a pathway to the truth, and if there is more than one truth in the world of Millennial subjective idealism, then an important aspect of that truth is based on the way it’s being holded.

We want to encourage you to watch a few DIY vids on etching wine glasses, or if you feel like not having the time for that, you could make an order with your names on them, or a quote or verse of the favorite song you find inspirational, or…

In any case, if you’re the type of person enjoying personalization according to your own will and needs, custom made wine glasses could also lift up your feelings of both connection and freedom in relation to making your foods and drinks, as well as eating and drinking.   

Blue Cocktail

  1. Cocktail Shaker

As the name goes, cocktail shakers are specifically designed for shaking up those fine, juicy and jazzy cocktails into the dream boozes you’ve always had your lust for.

If you consider yourself someone that’s going after a greater personal freedom as well as a characteristic lifestyle, cocktail creation is a worthy skill to learn and we at Urorra have made it our life mission to help you about it, starting by downloading our completely free e-book on creating the top 31 popular, both classic and modern cocktails for dummies.

We don’t have to remind you that your cocktail refreshment and general experience depends upon the quality of your whole cocktail shaker set, so we’re here to offer you our brand new Urorra cocktail shaker set with an exclusive and time-limited discount.

Food Storage Containers

  1. Food Storage Containers

We believe your kitchen tools are supposed to support your lifestyle and therefore adapting your food storages to your living tempo (sometimes there’s no other options than food on the go) is a key checkpoint to reaching the level of kitchen personalization that you want (or need, for that matter), since storing food could be a tiresome and boring continuous operation especially if your storage capacities don’t always match your dynamic needs and lifestyle.  

It’s necessary that the containers you use have distinct capacities and are reusable, being made of quality material so that you’ll both save money and your health in the best feasible way.