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Picnic Basket

Take your lunchtime and food prep experience to a next level in your favorite park or nature with our all-in-one picnic basket made of leak-proof lining and zipped closure carefully designed for keeping the wanted temperature level of the food ingredients. The basket is equipped with high-quality stainless steel utensils for your family or friends.


The way we enjoy our food and drinks is largely determined by grace and delicacy and that’s exactly where Urorra’s premium drinkware collection comes into play. Optimal for a whole range of drinks, such as: wine, juices, whiskey, margarita, Old-fashioned, to highball and Collins glass cocktails, our glasses are securely packaged, durable and dishwasher safe to provide drink aficionados the delicacy they deserve.

Food Storage Containers

Urorra’s household containers made of 8 differently-sized 100% leak-proof bio plastic materials allow 360° clarity, microwave reheating and smart storage of variety of foods, while retaining its quality and freshness. All of this while prioritizing your health and the environment preservation through biodegradability, the future of food preservation.

Ice Bucket

Stylish stainless steel 4-quart ice bucket with scoop. Its all-around features and convenient design make it a perfect party serving aide for your bar that helps you easily store and take just about the right amount of ice to keep your drinks fresh and energizing!

Picnic Basket

Storage bars made of quality and chemical-free glass suitable for preserving a wide variety of homemade foods, including: sauces, jams, broths, canned fruits, fermented foods and drinks, rice, pasta… Easily closed with an airtight lid and stored or packed anywhere in your kitchen or backpack!