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Inspired by design that connect us


We look for sustainable, eco-friendly raw materials to build our products. Our manufacturing partners have decade-long experience and maintain high-quality production standards.


We go above and beyond to assess the functionality, durability and the ease of use of our products. We’ve used the products to make sure they’re everything you need.


Our task doesn’t stop at testing. We’re passionate about product development and eager to make even the smallest improvements to our products and make sure you love them

Hello, We Are Urorra

Urorra is a merry band of creatives and entrepreneurs, passionate about design, architecture, music, culture, travelling. Joggling a number of tasks and projects, we couldn’t resist creating one more – a brand that caters to people like us, people who want to stop and smell the roses, people who dream and tell everyone about it, people who gather around the table to connect and create, or gather around the fire for a chat and a laugh, people who clink glasses and drink to all things great.

Urorra is our rendition of aurora – the northern lights, and our desire to travel, to explore, to experience and learn new things. It speaks of the sense of wonder we strive to keep alive and our quest to find beauty even in ordinary things.

We start this journey with a promise to deliver value. Our choices reflect the way we want to live – “with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style”, and that’s our wish for you too!

What we’re made of



We’re committed to making our products the best they can possibly be, and we don’t stop there. We go back and try to improve, and do better the next time round.



Our desire to put together good stuff runs deep. Our relentless enthusiasm allows us to approach every new project with fresh energy and ideas.



It’s about so much more than products. It’s about the stories behind creating them, and the stories they can inspire. This is our platform to reach people and give back to our community.



We are a close-knit team united in the drive to do their best and bring the best to you. We see our customers as our extended team and, value and rely on their feedback.

Connect With Us

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Have an idea how we can help each other out and grow together? Feedback (errm, criticism), cheer (yay!) or suggestions? Feel free to drop us a line. We’d love t hear from you and promise to reply quickly.

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